Leica M11 Protector with insertable AirTag®

Koblenz, Rhineland Palatinate (liveprpro ) November 11, 2022 – Oberwerth announces a great innovation in camera protectors!

  • Oberwerth announces the market launch of a protector (TagCase®) that its owner can always locate by means of a hidden AirTag®.
  • Theft or simple misplacement of expensive cameras is thus defused
  • The hidden, inconspicuous installation makes it difficult for thieves to steal the protector.
  • Externally, the protector is indistinguishable from a regular protector (half case)
  • TagCases® available in different colors and finest leathers

Oberwerth announces the launch of a new, innovative TagCase® that allows photographers to hide an Apple AirTag® inside the half case base plate.


Oberwerth’s new TagCases® usher in a new era of camera protectors: Half Cases become smart – thanks to an innovative inner pocket, an Apple AirTag® can easily be inserted into the TagCase® and hidden there. It is no longer visible from the outside or to third parties, giving the photographer the chance to easily find the camera and TagCase® via the smartphone, even in the event of theft.

The installation of the “invisible” AirTag® is very easy. After simple installation, the AirTag® disappears invisibly so that an uninvolved third party cannot easily notice and remove it. In this way, the camera can be found again at any time via a smartphone.

About Oberwerth: Oberwerth is a brand that has been established for almost 5 years and aims to offer sustainable, high-quality bags and accessories of casual chic. The company lovingly handcrafts all products using the best materials available while adhering to the highest environmental standards.

Further information about AirTag® at: https://oberwerth.com/collections/half-cases

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